Driver Course Descriptions

NDOT Rural Transit Driver Training Requirements

Passenger Service & Safety

This is an 8 hour course with 6 ½ hours classroom and 1 ½ hour of hands on training lift operation and wheelchair securement.

Classroom topics include:
Part 1 - You, the Driver
Part 2 - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Part 3 - Disability Awareness
Part 4 - Mobility Equipment
Part 5 - Transporting an Aging Society
Part 6 - Accidents and Emergencies
Part 7 - ADA Requirements for Fixed Route

Defensive Driving Training

The DDC is an 8 hour interactive class that works off of several topics pertaining to Transportation Providers.

1) Personal and Professional Excellence
a) Responsibility to Drive Defensively
2) The Fatal Four
3) Factors that Contribute to collisions
4) Risk Management
a) Will include class/open discussion, real-life scenarios, videos
b) Defining, Reducing, and Managing Risk
c) 'Defensive' vs. 'Offensive' Driving
d) Attitude and Behaviors
5) Van Driver Liability
6) SIPDE 2013 Defensive Driving System
7) Discussion of Vehicle Dynamics
a) Momentum, Weight Transfer, Differences in Vehicles, etc.
8) Managing and Eliminating Distractions
9) Restraints and Airbags
10) Safe Vehicle Operations
11) Driving and the Environment

CPR-AED & First Aid Training

CPR-AED training will be conducted by Certified Instructors from the National Safety Council. Each person that successfully completes the training will receive certification for the class(s) they took; CPR-AED and First Aid.

The course time length is 4.5 hours for First Aid and 3.5 hours for CPR-AED. Students will also have the option to receive certification in pediatric CPR-AED and choking if they desire.

Class outline is as follows:
1. Acting in an Emergency
2. Preventing Disease Transmission
3. Checking the Victim
4. Basic Life Support
5. Recovery Position
6. Choking
7. Heart attack and Chest Pain
8. Bleeding and Wound Care
9. Shock
10. Burns
11. Serious Injuries
12. Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries
13. Sudden Illness
14. Allergic Reactions
15. Poisoning
16. Cold and Heat Emergencies
17. Rescue and move Victims
18. Course Exam