What is a vanpool?

A vanpool is a mode of public transportation comprised of a group of commuters who agree to share their ride to work in a vehicle large enough to accommodate a minimum of seven people. The driver for each vanpool is a volunteer within the commuter group. The Nebraska Department of Transportation has contracted with Commute with Enterprise to bring a statewide vanpool program to Nebraska.

Vanpooling is available all across the state of Nebraska. Costs vary based on number of miles, number of commuters, etc. in your vanpool. Go NEWhere Vanpools offer up to a $400 monthly subsidy to each vanpool, significantly reducing the out-of-pocket costs for riders. Accessible vehicles that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are available to commuters with a verified disability.

Commute with Enterprise van photo

Vanpool members receive the following benefits in one low, monthly rate:

  • Reliable, well-equipped vehicle providing all the creature comforts of a luxury vehicle
  • Scheduled service and maintenance to guarantee complete vanpool safety
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Primary Auto Liability Insurance and $0 Deductible for Comprehensive and Collision
  • Administrative support
  • Month-to-month flexibility so you can vanpool according to your needs
  • Optional Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Participating Businesses

Airlite Plastics, Cargill, Smart Chicken, and USDA logos all represent businesses that participate in the Statewide Vanpool Program.


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Contact Information

Abby Wilcox
Commute Account Executive

Kari Ruse
Transit Manager
Nebraska Department of Transportation